Welcome to WoodPeckers' creative world! Make your buffets, dishes, and rooms even more special with our specially designed natural and creative presentation products. The meticulous details and quality in our products will allow you to create wonders. We are here to make the preparation process enjoyable and creative. In addition, we bring together products from globally recognized brands to provide you with a wider selection. Get to know our creative products designed to make your presentations unforgettable.

Make your presentations
unforgettable with WoodPeckers.

WoodPeckers brings creativity to presentations by taking inspiration from the colors, textures, and forms of nature.

Innovative buffet designs

It is widely accepted that breakfast is considered "very important" by guests during their stay. In fact, 77% of guests say that it is an important part of their customer experience. 42% of hotel guests say that their likelihood of returning to your hotel is related to how satisfied they were with your buffet breakfast service.

Clearly, satisfaction in this area cannot be left to chance.

Creating a great buffet setup is always a difficult task, to say the least.

Achieving perfect aesthetics, maintaining food quality, looking after serving equipment, and even the storage of this equipment are all vital to achieving a high level of guest satisfaction.

Woodpeckers offers stunning visuals under one roof through the use of high-quality materials such as wood, metal, glass, and marble, which are practical, easy to store, and offer usage flexibility.

Tezgahınızda bulunan ürünlerimiz ile misafir memnuniyeti sağlanacaktır.

Natural presentation tools inspired by nature.

WoodPeckers draws inspiration from the colors, textures, and forms of nature to make your guests feel special. By working with natural materials in food presentation, WoodPeckers aims to make every moment unique and unforgettable. The WoodPeckers presentation tools combine naturalness, simplicity, and elegance to turn your meals into works of art.

Customer satisfaction cannot be left to chance!
Woodpeckers is your solution partner.

We produce solution-oriented products by making customer requests feasible.


Chefs Comments

Valuable comments from chefs who prefer WoodPeckers.

The strong quality of select brands, combined with WoodPeckers' creative touch.

WoodPeckers offers high-quality kitchen tools from world-renowned brands along with its own creative touch. This allows customers to choose from a variety of options under one roof to meet their needs. WoodPeckers offers select brands among the brands it offers. When the quality of these brands is combined with WoodPeckers’ own products, it provides customers with a high-quality kitchen experience.